What are they

Species: Aedes agypti & Aedes albopictus (CONTAINER BREEDING MOSQUITOES) Adults develop in 7-10 days with a life span of 2-4 weeks

When are they active

During the daytime. They evade the County LPV sprays.

mosquiteos on leaf


Where are they

They prefer HUMAN blood meal. So they roost as close as possible to the home. Adults will roost/take harborage in ornamentals on the underside of leaves.

How do you kill them

Normal sprayers are ineffective. We use LPV power sprayer which allows material to get beneath the leaf. To halt reproduction, Methoprene is used in larval breeding sites. It’s approved for drinking water, animal troughs, fish ponds, bird baths, and more.

What can I do to minimize their outbreak? Tip & Toss any containing that can hold standing water where mosquitoes will breed.

Extermination Station treating trees for mosquitoes elimination