Lawn Care & Ornamental Care

Keeping your lawn and plants growing and healthy is a challenge due to the heat, drought, high humidity, and rainfall. Extermination Station can give you the proper lawn and plant service to help maintain it. We provide lawn care all year long by helping to build a strong root system so it is resistant to pest and weed damage.


Extermination Station Lawn Care Service Truck

Control the crawling, biting, damaging pests.

Insects that live in Florida lawns, and can cause great damage to them, need immediate control. Examples of these are chinch bugs, sod webworms, and armyworms that attack grass leaves. Mole crickets, grubs, and billbugs live in the soil and attack grass roots. Nuisance pests that bite people or pets include fleas, millipedes, centipedes, chiggers and sowbugs. Our treatments will bite them back without harming the ‘good’ pests.

Bugs that are beneficial to the lawn will actually attack and eat destructive pests and their eggs. Examples of beneficial pests are big-eyed bugs, earwigs, ground beetles, and spiders. Having these pests in your lawn is nature’s way of keeping damaging pest populations to a minimum.


Control the weeds, diseases and fungus.

Lawn disease and fungus control is accomplished by making the environment less favorable for disease development, suppressing the pathogen growth, and decreasing stress on the grass. This is combined with an integrated management program that includes the cultural care and proper treatments to prevent and control the diseases.


Factors that support damaging insects, weeds and disease to invade and live in your lawn include:

  • improper mowing
  • not allowing grass clippings to remain in the lawn
  • improper fertilizing
  • heavy lawn traffic
  • improper watering (over/under or wrong time of day)

Improper watering creates a less dense turf that will promote weeds and also weakens it to promote the damaging pests to invade. Watering in late morning promotes disease and fungus growth. Afternoon watering wastes water and will scald the grass. We recommend watering the lawn between 12am to 7am (before sunrise).

Extermination Station Lawn Care Service

Ornamentals (shrubs & trees)

Our ornamental treatment focuses on building a strong root system to keep plants healthy. Healthy plants are more naturally resistant to pests, weeds, drought, temperature extremes and general wear.

Plant care is a collaborative effort between Extermination Station and the customer. Our customers are encouraged to understand factors that contribute to plant health. These factors under their control include:

  • Proper pruning is essential to promote healthy plants. Don’t overprune.
  • Increasing the distance between plants to increase air movement
  • Irrigating in the early morning hours to reduce leaf wetness at night
  • Using adequate fertilization to avoid nutrient deficiencies
  • Correctly diagnosing a target pest or disease to choosing an appropriate treatment
  • Not damaging the plant during installation
  • Not using contaminated tools
  • Not allowing plant debris and weeds to remain around plants
  • Using proper soil drainage